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The painters art gallery is located in Ashford, Washington. The gallery is complete source of fun because of its location in the foot of Mt. Rainier National park. The exact location of the gallery is in 30517 S.R. 706 E Ashford, WA 98304 U.S.A.

The gallery comprises a complete range of seed beads, chips, polish beads, swarovski crystals, findings and many other items. There is constant change in the price of these products so it needs to be well recruited before purchase. In the art gallery there are beadworks of different patterns. The collection includes Turquoise stone necklace, jewelry products and exotic range of artworks.

Daily Painters Gallery: The Daily Painters Gallery is an art gallery with exotic paintings by different painters. This gallery comprises many beautiful paintings like ‘Nude’ - this 6”x6” painting was a gouache and graphite work on paper by Gretchen Kelly. Another painting ‘Fan Belt Vendor’ was created by William K.Moore, this was a watercolor work on canvas size 14”x11in.

Similarly one painting is ‘Arabian Horse pastel’ created by Sue Deutsche is a pastel work on a canvas 14”x11” priced at 100 US$. Painting of ‘Creek Landscape’ by H Malott, an oil work on primed masonite on a canvas 6”x6” is priced at US$ 100. The painting of ‘Sunnyhill Stream’ by ‘Tom Brown’ ,an oil work on a canvas 12”x16”, priced 450 US$ is also kept in the gallery.

Vincent van Gogh Gallery: The ‘Vincent van Gogh Gallery’ for last eleven years is continuously involved in the artworks. This gallery has complete works on paintings including standard version, thumbnail version, drawings, watercolors including two more patterns graphic works and letter sketches. Juvenilia include standard version, thumbnail version and complete letters.

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