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Philadelphia Art Galleries

Philadelphia has host of art galleries, both commercial and non commercial ones. There are so many art galleries located in Philadelphia that it is not easy to describe all. Hence only few are discussed as follows:

Chestnut Hill Gallery: The Chestnut Hill gallery is located in Germantown Avenue, Chestnut hill, Philadelphia. The gallery is popular for its unique concept of representing plenty of wine and appetizers and opportunity of mingling with artists.

Khmer Art Gallery: The Khmer art gallery of Philadelphia is the only museum and gallery entirely dedicated to artworks of Cambodia. The gallery selects good artworks demonstrating the artistic value of ancient Cambodia. Khmer Gallery remains open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 p.m.-4 p.m.

Lineage Gallery: The Lineage gallery is located in the 21 North Second streets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The lineage gallery is especially known for presenting four person’s artworks. Kris Kuksi, Pat Rocha, Tim McCormick, and Jophen Stein are the four people whose works are featured in this gallery.

The gallery organizes shows that focus on the interaction between four extra talented artists and their varied range of work.

Monsoon Gallery: The Monsoon gallery is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Monsoon gallery is known for presenting shows by Robert Taylor, John Sherman, Jerry Rhodes and Linda Ganus ‘It Could Happen To You’.

Pentimenti Gallery: The Pentimenti gallery is located in 145 north second street Philadelphia. The gallery remains open from Tuesday to Friday 11am to 5pm and on Saturday from noon to 5pm. The gallery exhibits modern artworks by contemporary artists.

Projects Gallery: The ‘Projects gallery’ is located in the north 2nd street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The gallery exhibits nice artworks of contemporary artists. One of a nice solo exhibition by Orly Cogan titled ‘… and don’t forget to rescue the princess’ became highly popular.

Schwarz Gallery: The Schwarz Gallery is located in 1806 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The gallery is famous for presenting artworks by late 18th and early 20th century American and European works. Schwarz is also known for presenting artworks by Philadelphia painters from the Peale Family.

If you find interest in visiting art galleries and praising talented artworks, the above mentioned galleries are a must visit during your trip to Philadelphia.

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