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An art gallery is mostly known for vast empty spaces, expensive paintings, quiet atmosphere and killing silence; these traits make a visitor to an art gallery feel scare. But actually there is nothing to feel alienated as art galleries are a perfect place to get a visual study for all art lovers across the world. Art gallery provides plenty of shopping scope to those people who love to decorate their homes with beautiful paintings. When traveling abroad galleries are the best places to visit. They vividly describe the cultures and traditions of the place of visit. Art galleries are the best meeting point of different cultures with concerts and poetry reading sessions. There are different art galleries around the world… a photography art gallery is one such type.

Black and white photography gallery is very famous around the world. Black and White Photography is considered best to evoke an emotion and freeze a special moment in time than any other medium. If we look back we may find, that over the decades, famous photographers like Steigletz, Weston, Adams and others has done a lot in expressing Black and White Photography to a Fine Art form.

The delicate gray tones, the strong emphasis of the Blacks and the softness of the Whites help one looking much closer over a subject and composition due to the lack of natural color. It is much easier to portray emotions with Black and White, because of the stark contrasts and the sharp focus on the subject.

One other famous photography art gallery is the Yosi’s site of street photography gallery. It is a virtual art gallery of candid camera photography, street photography and people portrait pictures. The SOS is a non commercial art virtual gallery featuring camera photographs of common people on streets. Yosi Alson, a street photographer has given fine result to his works.

One more famous photography art gallery is the naked heart photography gallery in Sacramento which features nice photographs by Ema Roberts and Nancy Stegemann.

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