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There are many art galleries located in Portland. These galleries are the major source of representing range of artworks from contemporary to traditional. Some of these galleries are commercial art galleries while others are non-profit ones. There are many art galleries in Portland but in this content only some of them are discussed in gist

Augen Gallery: The Augen gallery is located in 817 S.W. 2nd Portland. The gallery remains open from Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 5:30 pm. The Augen gallery portrays artworks by artists like Amy Archer, Ian Boyden, Phil Bard, Bill Brewer, Sally Cleveland and many others.

Blue Sky Gallery: The ‘Blue sky gallery’ was established in 1975 by a group of photographers. In the founding days it was a very small gallery but later on this became one of the most important photography exhibition centers in Portland. This is a non profit space gallery entirely dedicated to educating the common people skills of photography.

Blue Sky is also known as Oregon Center for the photographic arts. In its founding days the gallery only featured works of local artists but later on it expanded to national and international perspectives.

Butters Gallery: The Butters gallery is located in 520 N.W.Davis second floor Portland. This gallery was founded in the year 1988. The Butters has become a major source of contemporary art for private and corporate art collectors all over the world. The gallery focuses on artists from United States and abroad to the regional and local artists. It features work on paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture and photographic works. The gallery is recognized as one of the most substantial and successful galleries of world.

Contemporary Crafts Gallery: The Contemporary crafts gallery was found in 1937 by a group of women with interest in craftworks. Lydia Herrick was the chief founder of this gallery. This gallery is dedicated to contemporary crafts museum and it is the major craft presenter in the country devoted to excellence and advancement in craft from the early 20th century to the present.

Froelick Gallery: The Froelick gallery is located in 817 SW Second Avenue, Portland Oregon. This gallery was opened in 1995. Since then it is known for exhibiting and representing contemporary artists from Pacific Northwest, Gulf Coast, the East Coast, Tokyo, and Mexico. The displayed artworks are both by established and emerging artists.

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