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San Francisco Art Gallery

There are many fine art galleries located in San Francisco, California. All these art galleries feature contemporary art and traditional fine art collections including paintings, glass art, sculpture, paintings, art photography prints and other visual art types. Though there are many art galleries located in entire San Francisco but only few are discussed in this content;

Art Exchange Gallery: The Art Exchange Gallery is located in San Francisco. The gallery is popularly known for its collection of fine modern and contemporary art since 1980. It is located in the gallery building in downtown San Francisco.

Brian Gross Fine Art: The Brian Gross Fine art gallery was established in 1990. The gallery is popular for its collection of abstract and reductive paintings, stimulating exhibitions of sculpture, conceptual work and multi media installations. The famous artists at the Brian Gross Fine Art include names like Peter Alexander, Joe Amrhein, Jill Baroff and many more.

Catharine Clark Gallery: The Catharine Clark Gallery is located in 150 Minna Street / 657 Mission Street, Ground Floor, between 3rd and New Montgomery, San Francisco. The gallery presents some finest works of local, national and international contemporary artists. This is the only commercial gallery in San Francisco with an active video project room.

De Vera: The De Vera art gallery is located in the New York City. The gallery has some nice collections of decorative art from Europe and Asia.

Elins Eagles: The Elins Eagles- Smith gallery was established in 2002. The gallery is located in the 49 Geary Street San Francisco. The gallery is popularly known for its collection of twentieth century American and European master paintings. Other collections include drawing sculptures and graphics.

Fraenkel Gallery: The Fraenkel gallery is ALSO located in the 49 Geary Street San Francisco. The gallery is famous for its collection of early master works, several NASA’s lunar photographs and many other things collected from all over the world.

If you are really interested in collecting art or just viewing art then we must say that while visiting San Francisco, these are some famous art galleries that needs a must visit.

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