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Santa Fe is a small city with a limited population of just 70,000. Being such a small place this has some nice art galleries in the world. The city is called as the Mecca of Art as it is considered as the third largest market of fine art in United States. There are two areas in Santa Fe where most of the art galleries are located. One is the downtown area and the other is Canyon Road area.

Frank Howell Gallery: The Frank Howell gallery is located in Santa Fe at the side of the old Plaza at the Palace and Washington corner. The museum consists five rooms consisting Howell’s works. There are works on paintings, sculptures and jewelry by famous southwestern artists. The gallery is in operation since 1986. Frank Howell displays artworks by artists like Bill Worrell, Ken Sullivan, Ken Payne and Veloy Vigil.

Medicine Man Gallery: The medicine man gallery features fine art and Native American antiques from southwest. The gallery specializes in the pottery of Maria Martinez and the paintings by Maynard Dixon, a famous landscape artist of twentieth century.

Meyer Fine Art Gallery: The Meyer Fine art gallery is specialized in hosting exhibitions on sculptures of Native American images, western figures and playful children all created in both bronze and stone combinations for last thirty years. The gallery displays artworks by both emerging and established artists from both regional and national boundaries. On the walls of the gallery there are paintings on the subjects like oil paintings, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and mixed media. There are realistic and impressionistic pictures on Figures, Landscapes, Native Americans, Still Lifes, Cafe Scenes, Rural Farms, Interior images, Florals, Desert Scenes, Russian Fields and west American images.

Rancho Santa Fe Gallery: The Rancho Santa Fe art gallery is located at 6004 Paseo Delicias. The gallery displays artworks of local emerging artists. The gallery is established with a noble mission of embracing the visual arts, providing space for exhibiting local talent and increase local art consciousness.

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