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The Soho art gallery is Australia’s premiere private art gallery. The Soho Art Gallery is a commercial art gallery located in Sydney. It was established in March '95 with the purpose of providing young Australian and New Zealand artists with the space and introduction for placing their artworks in present modern corporate and familiar environments.

The art gallery was opened by director Nigel Messenger, who had an experience of more than 20 years in the art industry. SOHO galleries encourage all creativity aspects of art world through different means of promotion, exhibition and placement. The inspiration and dedication of the emerging artists who wish to be exposed and accepted by the world market achieve great openings here. Till now the SOHO galleries continuously present exciting, dramatic and provocative works of art in Sydney and to the international art market.

The Soho Art gallery has organized many exhibitions. One of the current exhibitions is like the ‘Pictograph’ by Mark Warren displayed from 9th May. Forged Steel Sculpture by Wendie Mccaffley and exhibition on the painting “intimately” by Kathrin Longhurst were also displayed in exhibition. The gallery portrayed artworks on sculpture, photography, paintings and paper works.

You can find nice paintings displayed in Soho art gallery by famous artists like Kathrin Longhurst, Mark Warren, Andrew Rogers, Hu Ming, Jerzy W Michalski, Krista Stewart, Suzanna Lang, John Worth, Liz Mckay, Antonio, Colangelo, Matt Carney, Sam Foley, Peta Laurisen, Cliff grigg, Alex Kolozsy, and Zygmunt Libucha. The art gallery also provides online facility to its customers as This online facility provides art supplies to private customers, restaurants, hotels, office furnitures, interior designers and other different clients. Magnificent artworks by some selected artists are provided by Soho art gallery; the artists are like Berth Morisot, Georgio Morandi, Milton Avery, Franz Kline, Max Ernst and many such prestigious artists.

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