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The Vancouver art gallery is the largest art gallery in western Canada it is the fifth largest art gallery of Canada. The gallery is located in 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.

About Vancouver:

The Vancouver art gallery was founded in 1931 in West Georgia. In 1983 the gallery was shifted to other location in the Hornby Street. The gallery building was renovated with a huge amount of $20 million by an architect Arthur Erickson. The Vancouver at present occupies an exhibition space of about 41,400 square feet and comprises more than 9,000 works in its permanent collection. It also comprises a significant collection of photographs.

Art Collections:

The Vancouver Art Gallery has the most distinct collection of more than 9000

works of art as major visual culture resource in British Columbia. With its foundation in1931 the Gallery has immensely developed in its art collections. Every year the range grows in hundreds. The gallery comprises many artworks both by national and international artists. Celebrating its 75th anniversary the gallery published an on line catalogue featuring 75 works of its collection. The Gallery collection includes stunning art pieces of century all produced in British Columbia. The work ranges from 19th century hills and coastal landscapes to contemporary artworks on photography by famous Vancouver artists. The gallery proudly possesses the most important and significant paintings by the modern landscape painter Emily Carr. In fact the most noted collection of the gallery is its Emily Carr collection. The gallery collections are used by scholars, teachers, students, authors and even other art galleries and museums.

Present Scenario:

The gallery remains open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm and on Tuesdays and Thursdays it remains open until 9pm. As a part of its future plans the gallery in 2003 announced, its expansion plans. According to its planning commission the expansion will increase the gallery’s exhibition space with an addition to a meeting room space. The Vancouver art gallery regularly hosts many exhibitions of its own art collections. Other than exhibiting its own collections it also hosts touring exhibitions, public programmes and lectures.

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