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A virtual art is the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art. The virtual art is a kind of research-oriented overview art that has been developed in cooperation with talented media artists, investigators and art foundations. In the virtual art the web based, free of cost instrument appropriately serves to the needs of process art allowing individuals to post material themselves. Virtual art works can be linked with exhibiting institutions, events and bibliographical references. In course of time the opulently interlinked data may work as a predecessor for the critical and methodical preservation of this art. The advancement of this art has resulted to the emergence of several virtual art galleries some are discussed below:

Meg Art Virtual Art Gallery: the Meg Art Virtual Art Gallery is an online art gallery which features artworks which are computer generated like 3D, surreal, abstract fractal AND digital graphic art. Contemporary original fine art prints are also available here. The gallery also provides prints of high resolution, poster and mural sized, ink jet art prints.

South African Virtual Art Gallery: The South African Virtual Art Gallery was established in 1997.

This virtual art gallery specializes in contemporary South African art. At present the gallery also includes some important international artworks. The works of artists displayed here are David Brown, Peter Clarke, Willie Bester, Kay Hassan, Marlene Dumas and many others.

Stephanus Virtual Art gallery: This virtual art gallery was named after the artists himself Stephanus. The gallery focuses on works several kinds of works by Stephanus like collage, paintings, photos and many other types. The gallery also organizes exhibits of its own artworks.

UNESCO Virtual Art Gallery: this virtual art gallery was opened on 3rd November 1958. The gallery focuses on combined works of architects from three nationalities Marcel Breuer from United States of America, Pier Luigi Nervi from Italy and Bernard Zehrfuss from France. The works of virtual artists displayed here are Tado Ando, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Dani Karavan, Pablo Picasso, Rufino Tamayo and many others.

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