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Washington DC Galleries

Washington D.C. is the capital city of United States of America. There are host of art galleries in Washington. Some are commercial art galleries; others are non profit ones. There are different other types of art galleries too with individual distinction and identity. Though there are many art galleries in Washington D.C., only some are discussed here:

Troyer Gallery: The Troyer gallery is one among the best art galleries in Washington. Established since more than two decades this gallery is being run by three partners. The gallery comprises pictures with fantastic mixture of reality with abstraction. The gallery is famous for hosting shows by national and local artists. Sally Troyer is the owner and director of this gallery.

Hemphill: The Hemphill is a fine arts gallery. The gallery is known for showing artworks by some best artists, both at regional and national perspective. The gallery is owned by George Hemphill.

Gallery K: This gallery in the best in Washington D.C. and is directed and owned by Mr. Komei Wachi and partner.

The gallery mostly displays works by some local talents. Every month the existing shows change with a new one. You can find in the displayed arts in this gallery a mixture of reality with abstraction.

Fraser Gallery: Fraser gallery is the best art gallery located in Georgetown. The gallery keeps on changing its shows every month and shows works by different local artists. British photographer Catriona Fraser is the owner and director of the company. The gallery is known for showing the most affordable and best fine artwork in Washington, giving chief importance to the B&W photography and contemporary realism.

Okuda Gallery: The Okuda is located just little distance to M Street Georgetown. The gallery is popular for showing artworks by local, national and Japanese age old artists. This gallery also changes its shows regularly. Teruko Okuda is the owner and director of the gallery.

Anton Gallery: The gallery is popular for showing works of local artists. It remains changing its shows regularly. The gallery displays artworks with a good mixture of abstract and realism. Gail Enns is the Director and owner of the gallery.

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