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Dilip Chitre

Dilip Chitre is a fiction-writer, poet, playwright, painter and a filmmaker. He was born in Baroda on 17 September 1938. He shifted to Mumbai at a very young age and the vibrant city life inspired him to write his first collection of poems in 1960 which was published subsequently. His paintings have alos earned him much respect.

The little Magazine movement

He was one of the poineer of the famous "little magazine movement" of the sixties in Marathi. He started a magazine called Shabda with friends Arun Kolatkar and Ramesh Samarth. The success of the magazine inspired many spin offs but none could emulate the success of the original Marathi little magazine.

Dilip Chitre as a writer

His writings soon gained much acclaim and in 1975, he had the honour of being invited by the International Writing Programme of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in the United States. He also held the prestigious position of the director of the Indian Poetry Library, archive, and translation centre at Bharat Bhavan, a multi arts foundation, Bhopal. Chitre as a writer believes in the exchange of ideas between peers and which is why he presided over a world poetry festival in New Delhi followed by an international symposium of poets in Bhopal.

Dilip Chitre as a painter

Dilip Chitre is primarily a poet and his paintings reflect that very fact. Complex webs of designs and colors combine to form a composite whole. His concerns about the society are deftly put across in his canvases.

Some of his most successful exhibitions are -
  • 1969, First One Man Show of Oil Paintings; Bombay; India;
  • 1975, Triple Triptych; in collaboration with Peter Clarke and Ahmed Muhammad Imamovic; Iowa City, Iowa; USA.
  • Participation in group shows in India and the Netherlands
Dilip Chitre lives and works in Pune.

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