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Drawing Techniques

Drawing is a medium of representing forms and objects on a surface with the help of various lines. Several techniques are to be kept in mind while pursuing any sort of drawing. Previously drawing was only understood by those who were professional draftsman. But in no time this art became a vogue passion. People with no formal knowledge in chalk, brush and pen started taking interest in this art. Drawing is considered as the father of three arts- architecture, sculpture and painting. Following are given some elementary drawing techniques to follow while drawing;

Style of Drawing

While drawing a deep shadow, cover the hatching area with the help of a soft and sharp point pencil. Take a stiff brush and make the hatching smooth. Now again cover the area making a hatching with a sharp point pencil. You will find still some places missed and some blotchy patches cover those places by a hard pencil but sharp point pencil. Do not rush with the shadows as that may ruin your pages so be calm with your drawing and pages. There are some drawing techniques designed in accordance with the basic skills for learning students. Some tips are given below;

Inspecting Drawing

Draw a horizontal line of 1cm to ½ cm, starting from the top of your page. The line should be drawn as such so that it becomes visible from half a meter but again invisible from a meter. Now draw a light line at the bottom of the page using the previous technique. Check its visibility from a yard. If you find your work proper complete the two verticals following the same manner. Inspect your work by yourself or get it inspected. Now take a pencil and firm in the margin leaving corners in order to understand the difference between light and heavy lines. Make a little box of about 2x6cm in the right corner of the bottom of the page. This art instruction is for the elementary art students to make their concentration level firm and understand the process of line control.

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