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Illustration Drawing

Illustration drawing is a visual art like painting, drawing, photograph and other such arts works. Illustration drawing is an art which focuses more on subject than the actual form. Illustration drawing is used for various purposes it is used for giving faces to the characters in a story. It is also used for making visual sequential instructions. Illustration drawing inspires the viewers in feeling the emotion by expanding the linguistic features of the description. An illustration drawing is not a new idea. It is as old as the prehistoric cave paintings when there was no invention of press and manuscripts.

Illustration drawing is very popular nowadays. The difference is that now the idea of illustration has become a challenging work. The modern illustration drawings are more based on computer application like the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel. The illustration drawing in computer has become more advanced due to the application of some apparatus like the Wacom tablets. The illustration drawing if done by some skilled hands become highly advanced. The person who makes illustration drawings is called an illustrator.

There are some illustrators who come in this field of art after acquiring formal training while there are others who learn about the technologies in the process of their work after jumping in this field. Previously illustration drawing was only considered as a small unit of the vast entertainment and creative industry. But today the idea is an important part of advertising, animation and publishing industry.

In the modern world the prospect of Illustration drawing has vastly changed. It has become a growing interest now. People hold pride in collecting the old style of illustration work given in posters, books, magazines. Modern museums also keep the past illustrations as part of their collection. But it is unpleasant to mention that in the visual world illustrators are some times given back seat in front of fine artists and graphic designers. But with the rapid growth of computer games the illustration drawing is becoming popular and advantageous business.

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