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Landscape Drawing

Landscape drawing is the art of portraying outdoor aesthetic elements into indoor living. Landscape drawing is the perfect medium of expressing human technology by blending in the natural surrounding. In Roman art landscape was a common subject of fresco painting. In the far eastern regions too landscape drawing was a very common topic of painting by taking themes like season and spirituality. Since the ancient days landscape paintings were inspired by romantic search of peace and comfort in nature. Landscape drawing provides better scope of understanding the natural environment.

Among the Chinese painters landscape was the most favored subject of painting. They used to do landscape painting by their own creative imaginations. After completing their painting they use to make a stamp. A fresher, with no ideas in landscape drawing can also try to explore the idea of landscape drawing.

Steps to Draw Landscapes:

Start with drawing a line, about 3 to 4 inches below starting from the top of your paper. The paper needs to be horizontal. Draw the desired scene which you want to make.

Draw the desired object atop the horizon line. Landscape is also very useful in fresco drawings.Many landscape artists have emerged with time; ‘The Romantic Landscape’ by Diane Romanello is very famous. The artist says that through her paintings she wants to make the viewers feel basking in any of her paintings. The “Secret Glen” by Diane Romanello is also very famous. Open air sketching was very common among the 19th century landscape artists because of these the 19th century landscape artists wanted their work to be more accurate and proper. The Open Air Sketching is the early sketchbook where there are sketches for learning to draw; there are sketches of actual nature as well.

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