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Silk Paintings

A Silk Painting as the name suggests, is the creation of art with silk material as the canvas. This art form requires special skills because the material itself is very delicate and hard to handle.

Silk Paintings are a joyous celebration of both, art and wealth. Silk Paintings have legacies of tradition and rituals of ancient cultures tied with them.

Vietnamese Silk Painting

In Vietnam, painting on silk is popular art form. Vietnamese artists found this technique to be a unique way of lending a mystique charm to their paintings. By using contemporary colors, Vietnamese silk painting has won the hearts of many art lovers. After a long period of development of techniques and styles, silk painting reached its highest period of success during the years 1925-1945. The Vietnamese style of silk painting emphasized softness, elegance and a flexibility of style. These qualities of silk painting were different compared to, at the time, to the dominant French and European oil painting. In 1946, Vietnamese silk painting was accepted and introduced to the world when Vietnamese silk paintings won two prizes at the official Salon organized in France. Silk painting is now popular in Vietnam and has its own unique character and transparency of colors that are different from those of ancient China and Japan.

Indian Silk Painting

In Indian style of Silk Painting, silk is skillfully used as a canvas for portraits and paintings. Traditionally trained and skillful Indian artists make use of a process that allows the silk canvas to "hold" the paint in vibrant details.

Ethnic Motifs and traditional themes are used for Indian Silk Paintings. Silk painting is a very versatile art form-it can be designed as art to hang, functional, such as wearable art or for home decor. The characteristic use of gold in this paintings set it apart form other forms of fabric paintings. The paintings often make use of gold, glitters, gemstones etc.

Rich court life; epics and religious themes are often depicted as a characteristic of silk paintings. Silk paintings have a timeless appeal and their elegance, style and beauty give them a high-status acceptance.

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