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Face Painting Security Tips

Face Painting is seen as a lighthearted art form. Though it involves creativity it is associated with certain carefreeness. Most People do not associate any kind of seriousness with this art form. However one should be most careful with this art form because it involves human faces as canvases and any kind of mistake or recklessness can cause permanent and irreparable damage.

Tips on handling Brushes

Face painting brushes are in close coontact with one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Therefore they have to be adequately soft and damage free.Paint must be cleaned from brushes immediately after use. This is because removing dry, set residue can take bristles off or ruin a brush's shape . They must be washed with a suitable cleaner such as a brush conditioner, sometimes available in a bar, which must be lathered before use with water, or a liquid conditioner.

Choosing Colors for Face Painting

Paints used in face paintings have to follow strict guidelines. They cannot be toxic and should be non-allergic too. They should be easily washable and non staining. These paints are properly checked in laboratories before commercial use.

Swallowing colors

When one is in such close quarters with colors then the possibility of accidental intake of colors cannot be ruled out. One must always rinse ones mouth with if such an event happens and contact a physician immediately.

Saving the eye

Our eyes are sensitive. Any kind of chemical colors can seriously damage them; therefore eyes should always be covered with an eye patch when the artist is working around it. The strokes should be carefully applied so that there are no accidents.

If we follow these elementary precautions face painting will prove to be a safe and enjoyable exercise for us.

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