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Figure Painting Tips

The human body has always been a source of inspiration for artists. The shifting moods of a person, his or her reaction to the world are manifest in body language and the artist attempts to capture this in his work.

All these factors make Figure Painting quite a formidable art form to handle

All these makes Figure painting a Complex Art Form:

  • Avoiding Figures that are too upright. To avoid uptight figures while you're painting, check the pose by holding the brush (or a pencil) against the figure across the shoulders, then the hips, and then the spine.

  • To get realistic skin tones that really glow, instead of flat, lifeless, and muddy ones, apply the color in thin films and let each dry completely before applying the next.

  • To make the eyes of the subject to "follow" you as you move, make your model or subject sit with their eyes looking directly at you.

  • Make the hair of the subject believably soft, don't paint them strand by strand, make them a composite whole.

  • If you want to avoid painting hair and ears cover that section with a scarf or a hat.

  • If you are painting yourself do so using a mirror.

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