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Glass Painting Techniques

Painting on glass is a remarkable art form and requires you to learn some really meticulous glass painting techniques. The beauty of these paintings leaves one dazzled as both the medium and the painting combine to give an ethereal effect.

Today Discovery of synthetic colors specially meant for glass painting, has ensured that this art form gains as much popularity as it can. Today almost every other household can afford to have a stained glass window, because of the user-friendly nature of this art form.

And you too can achieve wonderful glass paintings by following this easy tips:

•  Engrave the designs at the back of the sheet of the glass.

•  After outlining the design apply colors using a brush or directly with hand making sure that they do not spill over.

•  Use only gum-based colors, they are more durable.

•  Make sure the section you have just painted is dry before moving on to the next section.

•  Fire the paints onto the glass using a kiln if you want the paint to be permanent.

• Voila you have a wonderful glass painting ready to be displayed.

The medium of glass provides the painter with something that no other mediums can - the light effect. For centuries Gothic churches and other hallowed institutions have inspired awe in us because of their remarkable use of glass paintings. Today you can achieve the same look in your house. So what are you waiting for? Decorate your House with exquisite glass paintings.

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