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Landscape-painting classes

Introduction- Do you love to be amidst deep greens, vibrant yellows and admire nature in its myriad hues? Do you feel a close connection with nature? If you feel like capturing Mother Nature forever in your mind's eye then landscape-painting classes are meant only for you!

Techniques of landscape painting If you possess the creative streak in you then landscape-painting classes can really be fun. There are however, various techniques, which need to be mastered to become a good landscapist. It is important to learn how to create an effective foreground, middle ground and background. It is also essential to depict the illusions of depth and reflection in a landscape painting.

There are a number of courses that introduce students to the basics of landscape painting and leave their own impressions on the canvas.

Universities offering landscape painting courses- The following universities take landscape-painting classes.

  • Department of History of Art, Stockholm University.

Course details-the course provides a basic foundation of the principles of Chinese paining. Student intake is maximum 40 and the medium of instruction is English.
  • Academy of Art University [U.S]

Course Details-This course is ideal for students who wish to refine their personal approach by using the Paint medium.

If you want to venture out in the open and learn the art of painting then Italy is the ideal place for you. Even there are many books which offer valuable tips to learn the art of landscape painting with ease. ‘Landscape painting Inside and Out' by Kevin McPherson is one such book.

Landscape painting classes not only helps to hone up your skills it also helps you to emerge as a professional landscape painter. You can work from home either part-time or full time and have a second income with a little effort and creativity. Landscape painting classes are also meant for amateur painters who merely want to pursue it as a hobby. Imagine the tremendous sense joy and satisfaction that you will get when you find your drawing room adorned with your own landscape paintings!

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