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Landscape Painting Tips

Landscape Paintings are, depictions of mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and forests. These compositions also include the sky in the background.

Weather is an important facet of Landscape Paintings. All these factors make it quite a formidable theme to handle.

Landscape Painting Tips will help you approach the complex art of Landscape Painting better.

  • Do not get overwhelmed with the landscape in front of you and try to recreate each and every detail; your frame may end up being cluttered if you do so.

  • Choose specific items and try to focus on them

  • Painting on location is a very good idea and is a beautiful experience too, but one has to always remember that lighting will change quickly and therefore the Painting has to be finished quickly

  • Even though landscape painting is primarily about recreating landscapes it is always better to use one’s imagination to create a unique piece of art

  • Focus on the foreground and try and blend in the background, do not give both of them equal prominence

  • Bring only those items that you know you will need and use, do not overwhelm yourself with a host of unwanted materials, you will be wasting precious time if you do so

  • Just relax, let go and most importantly enjoy yourself

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