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Painting Classes

A Painting Class is a gathering or training session which may extend to several months. It emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training and requires the active participation of the participants. Active participation and interaction of the participants is a must in most classes.

Painting Classes for Experienced Painters:

Most Painting Classes caters to painters who are looking for new ways of seeing. Painters who feel that you have nothing to say…Painting classes are seen as a “going back- to –the- basics exercise” where these painters rediscover their love for painting.

Painting Classes for Beginners:

There are exclusive Painting Classes for beginners too where they are initiated into the world of art and colors. They are introduced to different techniques and styles and are encouraged to develop their own. Whether one is a beginner or an experienced artist, the lure of colors is too tempting for any artist. And Painting Classes offer you with the opportunity to create magic with them. Instructors encourage participants to shed preconceptions about art making and:

  • Explore own spontaneous expression.
  • Be intuitive
  • Address ones shortcomings
  • And most importantly enjoy the process of creative expression

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