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Painting Textures

Texture gives a painting a character. It is as important to a work of art as choice of color, style and theme is. It has the capacity to determine the mood and visual effect of the painting. Painting texture is then, a very important part of a painter’s art. Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are famous for their bold delineation of textures.

A painter uses his colors and tools and media to give us an impression of different textures. He does this varying intensity of strokes, carefully choosing his painting surface and by thoughtfully laying out his color. Texture enables the painter to give us an idea of what that surface would feel like if it were touched.

Texture is implied in various ways:

  • By varying brushstrokes: For painting texture that is smooth and even, gentle and smooth brushstrokes are used. For painting a rough texture, brush strokes are broad and impulsive.

  • By appropriate choice of painting surface. It is interesting that one important decision that the artist makes while painting textures is which surface to use. The effect of a rough canvas is quite different from that of a smooth board.

  • By using different tools. Different painting tools lend varying textures. The texture achieved with a stiff bristled brush is indeed worlds apart from that created by a palette knife, for instance. Rags are another interesting tools used to create texture. Rag painting is one of the most popular decorative techniques to texture walls.

  • By physically introducing textured material in the paint: For painting textures, artists often mix material like foam and silica in the paint. Sometimes, fabric pieces and bits of rice paper are also pasted onto the painting to achieve texture.

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