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Watercolor Painting Tips

Watercolor Painting involves the mixing of colorants with water and using fine brush strokes on a ground generally made of paper.

The colors are thinned with water before being applied on paper and water adds transparency to the paintings. Watercolor paintings need an understanding of colors because it is in its best when the colors blend into each other. All these factors make it quite a difficult medium to handle.

Watercolor Painting Tips will help you approach the complex art of Watercolor Painting better:

  • One must not go overboard with colors and maintain whites where its needed.

  • Choose specific items and try to focus on them.

  • Painting on location is a very good idea and is a beautiful experience too, but one has to always remember that lighting will change quickly and therefore the Painting has to be finished quickly.

  • Watercolor as a medium is versatile and flexible, it can be easily reworked on, so use it to your best possible advantage, use wet sponge to dab off un wanted paint.

Always remember to carry with you-
  • A white plastic plate or flat lid for a palette.
  • Masking tape and a piece of cardboard to tape down your paper.
  • An old towel to cover your worktable and wipe your brush on.
  • A pencil.

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