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Painting Magazines

A Painting magazine is a periodical publication containing a variety of art related articles and stories. Sometimes they feature interviews of painters and reviews of art exhibitions.Some magazines also include projects for home decor, outdoor living space, everyday home life, and holiday inspired designs - one-of-a-kind ideas. They are generally financed by advertising and/or purchased by readers.

Painting Magazines are an intresting way of approaching art. For they not only provide us with requisite information about the art world, they also familiarise us with the aesthetics involved.

Indeed these magazines have major hand in popularising art in this mechanical and technology driven world.

Some of the worlds most popular Painting Magazines are as follows:

  • Art Forum- this popular magazine features reviews and criticism on contemporary arts.

  • Art Museum Network News- this novel endeavor is to cover news from art museums worldwide.

  • Art News- this magazine offers international art news and arts information about museums, galleries, and artists.

  • Art Newspaper- this is a more commerce driven magazine. It provides its readers with daily updates on auction house prices and some news on big name contemporary artists.

  • Art Times- this journal features commentary on fine arts.

  • Art Forum- this magazine offers daily news from the art world, information on international museum, shows, articles and reviews.

  • Arts & Opinion- this is more generic in its scope and features articles on both performing ad fine art.

  • Arts Editor- this U.S. based monthly covers the visual, literary, and musical arts.

  • Arts Journal- this journal offers daily news from more than 200 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.

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