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Aboriginal Paintings

Aboriginal Paintings are probably the oldest surviving art form of the world. This joyous celebration of art of the indigenous tribes of Australia has marveled art lovers around the world with its simple yet graceful composition and themes.

The Aborigines and their Art

Aborigines are indigenous inhabitants of the continent of Australia, who migrated to this region from South Asia about 40000 years ago. Painting is one of the key rituals of Aboriginal culture and was used to mark territory, and record history. Just like the many languages, Aboriginal art varies from place to place, from the cross hatching style on bark in Arnhem land to the contemporary dot painting on canvas in the western desert. Aboriginal people traditionally used the materials available to them to depict their way of life. As a result, art forms varied in different areas of Australia. In the central desert, ground drawing was a very important style of art and throughout Australia rock art as well as body painting and decoration were common although varying in styles, method, materials and meaning

Dot Painting

This is one of the most common forms of Australian Aboriginal art. Like most aboriginal art it is more of a ritual involving secrecy, mystery and symbolism, than a purely artistic expression.

Aboriginal dreamings are the stories of the history of the tribes that are narrated orally. They are the story of creation, about the life, people and animals of the tribe. These dreamings are passed on within a clan through a combination of music, painting, dance and singing.

Dot painting, is one such way in which the aboriginal tribes narrate their history.

Aboriginal Art- stories of an almost lost civilization

The fast disappearing Aboriginal tribes of Australia narrate a fascinating story of their ancestors through their paintings. However many culturally significant sites of Aboriginal rock paintings have been gradually desecrated and destroyed by encroachment of early settlers and modern-day visitors. This is an alarmingly sad occurrence indeed.

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