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Ceramic Paintings

Ceramic painting is an art form indigenous to Vietnam. The idyllic landscape of Vietnam is beautifully depicted in these paintings. Most of the paintings are in the traditional Vietnamese colors: white and blue.

Ceramic Paintings of Bat Trang

Bat Trang, a small pottery village located in the south east of Hanoi, can be called the home of Ceramic Painting. This picturesque village is located next to the mighty Red River. This village has been associated with pottery since prehistoric times. However some decades ago it was razed to ground when thousands of pottery-kilns caught fire. But the indomitable spirit of the villagers triumphed and today itís the hub of Ceramic Painting of the world.


Most of these Paintings feature the old streets of Hanoi from different angles. The houses are built in the early 20th century. New apartment complexes are fast replacing many of these houses. Therefore these painting are in many ways a reminder of an era gone by.


Apart from the patent white and blue, ceramic painters nowadays liberally use blue, green, dark yellow, or pale brown glaze.

Contemporary Paintings

With the unprecedented popularity of these paintings and the growing Ceramic Painters have found the initiative to make their paintings more contemporary in style. The artists are using non-traditional colors and themes on a hand made Bat Trangís traditional ceramic tiles. The beauty of the paintings lies in the very light, fine glaze that covers the painting.


The pictures are carved or engraved on the titles, then glazed. After painting, the pictures were put into the kiln and were burned with high temperature. This process makes the color last forever

Ceramic Paintings are indeed a beautiful evidence of the combination of the long history of Vietnamese traditional folk art and Bat Trang people's talents.

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