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A poster is a large printed paper piece often designed for attaching on walls or any other vertical surfaces. Traditionally posters are designed for including both textual and graphic items. Posters differ according to their utility a poster could be either purely graphical or wholly textual some are even a mixture of both. Posters are intentionally designed eye catching using bright colors.

Types of Posters:

Posters are of various types some are advertising posters and are frequent tool of advertisers. There is propaganda and political posters became popular since the first and second world wars such posters are especially used by propagandists, protestors and other groups trying to communicate a message. Vibrantly colored Film posters are used by film industry as an easy way of selling their pictures. There are comic book posters, boxing posters, concert posters, educational posters, classroom posters, fan poster,affirmation poster, music posters, and many other types of posters.

Historical Perspective:

Posters have been long used as placards and posted bills as a medium of advertising and announcement. Posters in fact have a long history. Previously the posters were used for advertising Shakespearian plays. After the development of cheap printing techniques encouraged the production of posters. During 1880's the poster technique spread all over Europe since many noted artists created poster art during that period. Slowly the poster art became so popular that in 1884 a grand exhibition was organized in Paris. During the end of 19th century poster and poster art became even more common. In United States posters did not become that popular. Some posters are especially noted for their high artistic merit including the World's Fairs and Colonial Exhibitions. Posters produced by French students during May 1968 became especially popular.

Printing of Posters:

The modern posters are produced by applying different printing techniques. Most of the posters are mass-produced. Sometimes posters are also printed by hand but only when they are in limited editions. Usually posters are printed on one side and left blank on the back, just to give proper affixing to a wall or other surface. A3 Standard Silk papers are often used for producing full color Pin-up sized posters. Poster creation software is often used to print big posters on standard home or office printers.

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